TEDxPeacePlaza 2016: “Fun”

Join TEDxPeacePlaza this year on Saturday, July 16, 2016 (tickets here!) as we uncover the theme of “Fun” in surprising and unexpected ways. Typically thought of as amusement and entertainment, fun has long been part of the Japantown and Fillmore neighborhoods, from iconic concerts at The Fillmore to the San Francisco Anime Festival.

Looking deeper, where can we find fun, and why is fun an important part of our human existence? Why do we seek fun even when it can lead to seemingly counterproductive paths? How is it possible to have fun in moments when confronting difficult topics such as death, illness, and discrimination?

Six remarkable speakers will dive deep into fun, revealing discoveries about ourselves as people, our need to belong and connect with one another, our resiliency as individuals and communities, and our relentless drive towards optimism. We look forward to having fun with you on July 16,2016, 1:30-4:30pm at TEDxPeacePlaza!

Grab your tickets while they last here!

We would like to thank New People for being a co-sponsor and partner of TEDxPeacePlaza.