Candice Dayoan


Candice Dayoan, Social Media

Candice is the Creative Director at 50+1 Strategies, a political consulting and organizing firm. She describes herself as a “geek of all trades” – part artist, part techie. Born and raised on the Leeward Side of O’ahu in Hawai’i. She studied Digital Animation at the University of Hawai?i at Manoa and was recognized as UHM’’s Digital Animation Student of the Year 2005.

After moving to San Francisco, Candice enjoyed two and a half years working with Yelp before she combined her passion for politics with her geekiness to work for Organizing for America, Obama for America’s advocacy branch. Starting off as a Summer Field Organizer, she was promoted to California’s Deputy New Media Director in 2009 where she built OFA California’s presence online and designed blogs, flyers, newsletters, and graphics.

In 2010, she became the Regional Field Director of one quarter of the state of California, managing several volunteer teams in a turf that spanned more than a hundred miles. Running one of the most productive election hubs in the nation, her volunteers generated more than 100,000 voter attempts in one weekend.

She later joined a mayoral campaign as New Media Director in 2011. She developed and implemented the campaign’s digital strategy; established David’s online presence; authored emails, blog posts, and tweets; recruited a team of digital strategy volunteers; and designed all in-house collateral including its logo, literature, signs, and t-shirts.

She’s probably the only person who reacts to seeing both President Obama and George Lucas in the same way.