Susan Outlaw


Susan Outlaw, Co-Curator, Sponsorship Chair

A native of Seoul, South Korea, Susan has decades of experience as a business development and marketing professional in the entertainment business including leadership positions in the casino and gaming industries, real estate and property management, and publishing sector. Prior to her appointment as a multimedia account executive with Hearst Media Services, she served as the managing director for Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco and Costa Mesa, California. Susan was raised in Europe and Asia as part of a military family and served in the United States Air Force. She comes from a family of activists and as a child her family was awarded the Great American Family Award by President Ronald Reagan for their volunteer efforts in the community. Susan is bowling aficionado and is known for her incredible maturity after beating her opponents. She has been heard screaming “take that” and “in your face” in almost all of the bowling alleys in the Bay Area.