How Healing Can Come from the Community: #TEDx Talk by Lateefah Simon

TEDxPeacePlaza 2013 Lateefah Simon

In 2012, life was good for Lateefah Simon and Kevin Weston. Deeply in love, the young couple was raising their beautiful daughters Lelah and Aminah. Kevin had just been admitted to the prestigious John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University. Lateefah, a nationally recognized civil rights leader, had started a job as director of the Rosenberg Foundation’s California’s Future initiative, a strategic effort to change the odds for women and children in the state.

In an instant, everything changed. Kevin was diagnosed with rare and aggressive form of leukemia known as T-cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia. The past two years were a constant struggle for Lateefah, Kevin, and their family. In her TEDxPeacePlaza talk, Lateefah shared how the community played a critical role in helping her family survive this ongoing ordeal. Sadly, Kevin passed away on June 15, 2014.

Lateefah delivered this talk at TEDxPeacePlaza on November 9, 2013, in San Francisco’s Japantown. Video by Arthur Prutkov, edited by Glenn Fajardo. Opening montage includes photos by Curtis Fry, Michael Ocampo, Nicholas Shipes, and Jeremy Cusker used under Creative Commons license. TEDxPeacePlaza 2013 is shared with you by the San Francisco Japantown Foundation.