2018 TEDxPeacePlaza Team

TEDxPeacePlaza is put on by a scrappy team of volunteers who are passionate about spreading new ideas far and wide. They work during their lunch breaks, evenings, and sometimes during their sleep to put this together.

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Our fearless leader, Glenn

Glenn Fajardo, Curator

Glenn Fajardo connects to create. As the Director of the Co-Design Practice of the TechSoup Global Network, he collaborates with NGO Partners around the world to build, test, and iterate new capacity-building programs more quickly. Glenn also teaches at the Stanford University d.school. Formally trained in nuclear engineering sciences and public policy, Glenn also plays electric bass and likes to cook in other people’s kitchens.

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Our team GSD expert, Stef

Stefanie Lau, Operations

Stefanie is a seasoned consultant, program and product manager that loves to work on early-generation projects. After a decade at Google, she moved on to work at a startup and is now a consulting entrepreneur in tech. Outside of work, she serves as Community Lead for Minds Matter of San Francisco, an educational non-profit that helps high-achieving, low-income high school students achieve college success. Skilled in the art of multi-tasking and stretching out time, Stefanie travels the world (or just to the East Bay) and enjoys taking difficult yoga classes where she is clearly the worst one in the room. Find her on LinkedIn.

Our team miracle worker, Vicky.

Vicky Sarmiento, Speaker Coach & Marketing

Vicky Sarmiento is a digital marketing and communications professional with a background in the political, non-profit, B2B and B2C sectors. She works with clients in the public and private industries on communications and digital marketing strategies. Some past clients include the Clinton Global Initiative and the American Parkinson Disease Association. Vicky is currently head of marketing for BabyNoggin, a digital health start-up focused on early intervention in child healthcare. An avid “burner” and a recent transplant from New York, Vicky has incredible energy and walks and talks at an enthusiastic pace. Good for us, because she’s also serving as this year’s emcee. Visit her website at www.vickysarmiento.com to learn more.

Our team rockstar, Udayan.

Udayan Sinha, Speaker Coach

Udayan is a technology marketer with a specialization in early-stage startups. As the former manager of design and technology for Indiegogo, Udayan consulted 100+ startups companies launching their first, large-scale, crowdfunding campaigns. He has a strong passion for Bay Area non-profit initiatives, most recently working alongside Zoo Labs (www.zoolabs.org) and Hack the Hood (www.hackthehood.org) as a volunteer and mentor. He plays guitar and practices Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird” at every waking moment. Thank goodness you don’t have to live with him.

Our Event Volunteers

Event volunteers help us execute the many production, operational, and service tasks that happen behind the scenes at TEDxPeacePlaza. We’re so thankful for their help!

Aakar Desai, Anne Yip, Anthony Chan, Ayush Jain, Bharati Malik, Charles Guthrie, Christina Yu, David Tang, Jack Ieong, Jeffrey Do, Jen Low, Judy Cheong, Kenni Camota, Lisa Bao, Michelle Tan, Nichole Fermanis, Ninny Wan, Sahil Agarwal, Samantha Chi, Sharon Zhang, Vanessa Chi, Vicky Sarmiento, Xuan Nguyen, and Yusun Chung